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Possum Products

One of the most luxurious natural fur scarves still available anywhere in the world. This scarf is made from two full possum skins and is done up by threading one end through a key-hole at the other. This means the scarf sits flat and looks and feels great. Possum fur is made from hollow fibres which means as well as being very warm it is very light.

The scarf is 75cm long. The black taffeta lining is 10cm wide but the luxurious fluffy fur means the scarf is approximately 14cm wide overall.

Available in four colours; Natural, Burgundy, Black and Dark Brown.These same four colours are also available as neck wraps – another scarf we do, it’s not quite as exquisite as these but still a very luxurious scarf.

Possums are an introduced pest in New Zealand’s native forests – out of control as there are no natural predators of them here – your purchase of this product supports New Zealand’s conservation effort.  All possum fur used has been treated and is fine for export. Made in New Zealand.