Offcuts Possum Pieces


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Possum Offcuts from our manufacturing. Bag size is 40cm x 30cm so you get a lot in a bag. Great for crafts and collage. The possum is tanned and treated and fine for export. Natural tactile and popular in early childhood heuristic play, kids love the soft feel of the possum fur and skin.

New Zealand Possum. See also Sheepskin offcuts and Wool offcuts.

Please note that as these offcut bags are so cheap (but large and heavy) the price does not cover any additional overseas postage. So only one bag is included in our flat postage fee of $12.50 to Australia or $15 for the Rest of the world; please enquire if you would like to order more than one offcut bag and we will work out a postage price. This does not apply in NZ – we can send you as many bags as you like for the flat courier fee of $7.50.