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Maori culture, bags, cushions

We don’t carry Piupiu in stock but we do get them made to order. If it’s only one or two you’re after we may be able to get them in a week or so, larger amounts are much longer – if you want them in time for a particular event or festival it pays to allow two months. The quality is amazing, they are made the traditional way from Harakeke (flax) right here in Rotorua; NZ’s maori cultural capital. We don’t announce the price here because it varies with size and the quantity required, or if there are any particular patterns you require on the Piupiu. Please enquire here, letting us know how many you’d like and we will email you back with a price. If you click on the Piupiu photo above you can see an enlargement (as you can with all photos on this website). Any size available, adult or child.

Genuine Piupiu

Childs Piupiu