About Us

Roz began Rozcraft in 1976, making sheepskin products on her Kitchen table…..while expecting her third child!

Rozcraft have been hand making souvenirs of New Zealand since 1976. Roz started the business on her kitchen table, making “Sulphur Bugs” from a bag of sheepskin offcuts she bought for $2 and selling them for 50 cents each to the famous Toot & Whistle Railway. The first delivery sold out the day it was delivered. Another local tourist attraction soon heard about the bugs & wanted their own variation – they were a massive hit too. Technology in manufacturing has come a long way since 1976 and you won’t find any bugs on this website (we hope) but the fundamentals of creativity, handcraft & the ability to adapt to the market’s demands remain. This, along with Roz’s honesty, hard work and desire to use New Zealand’s natural materials (like sheep’s wool and possum fur) have contributed to the long lasting success of the business – despite competition from acrylic products made offshore. We operate from a factory in Rotorua’s industrial area employing 7 full time staff and approximately 40 outworkers. The majority of the production is done by the outworkers in their own homes and they are paid for the amount of products they make. It’s not as easy as sending an order off to a factory overseas but we want to provide genuine souvenirs of New Zealand, & the only way to do that is to have them made here by the people that live here; Afterall – isn’t that what a souvenir of New Zealand is?

Most of our sales are still of souvenirs in stores throughout NZ, but recently our Kapa Haka lines have become very popular with New Zealanders. They’re popular for graduations, birthdays, unveilings & even weddings, as well as for Kapa Haka performance; some of the countries leading Kapa Haka Groups are now decked out in outfits from Rozcraft.

We’ve also set up NZ Craft Supplies; using our experience and materials to help you bring out your own crafty side. We visit early childhood centres providing resources for the youngest crafters and helping to give centres the natural NZ feel. Our most popular lines can be found in the NZ Craft Supplies; DIY section.  Please enquire if you would like a full catalogue emailed or a visit next time we’re in your part of NZ.

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