Kiwi ProductsSheep Products, Sheep Toys, Sheep FootwearThe Kapa Haka KeteRozcraft have been hand making New Zealand souvenirs since 1976. We still believe that when you buy a souvenir of NZ you want it to really be from New Zealand, not made half-way across the world by someone that doesn’t even know where NZ is!

On this site you can shop for NZ souvenirs, maori cultural  lines and NZ Craft supplies. Hover over Shop (or long touch it on a mobile) to see the product categories.

All prices are in NZ dollars. Postage price for your entire order is;  within NZ $7.50, to Australia $12.50 (approx $10 AUD), and to everywhere else in the world $15 (approx $10 USD or 7 UK pounds). Click on product photos to make them full screen.


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